Coaching Services


Ken provides a variety of services that meet the needs of a wide range of organizations and individuals.

  • Transition Coaching: Helps individuals experiencing major transitions to navigate change. Works with business owners, organizational leaders, and individuals to identify their direction and to develop next steps.
  • Life Purpose Coaching: Works with individuals to gain clarity around their life purpose and guiding core values.
  • Partnership Coaching: Walks along side those in relational and business partnerships to build a strong and effective relationship based upon their share desires and goals. Cultivates improvement, growth, and trust within the partnership.
  • Executive Coaching: Guides C-level executives through leadership, communication, and conflict resolution coaching. Utilizes theories developed over thirty years of experience to help executives maximize their leadership potential.
  • Organizational Consulting: Provides services such as executive position development, candidate screening and selection, and business culture evaluation and development. Works to help organizations achieve their maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Small Business Coaching: Assists entrepreneurs and small business owners as they advance their companies. Helps develop start-up strategies, business plans, and exit strategies.
  • Meeting Facilitation: Serves as counsel in executive team visioning, decision making, and strategic planning meetings. Presides over meetings with experience and a deep understanding of people, communication, and group interactive dynamics.


Ken is licensed to administer a multitude of assessments that help individuals explore their core drivers and motivators.

  • Personalysis: Identifies the clients outstanding strengths and how they best communicate, connects, and gives and gains cooperation with others. It describes how the client’s strengths need to be fulfilled and how their needs must be met in order to operate and relate with confidence.
  • AVA: Identifies clients’ behavioral patterns within the workplace.
  • Core Report: Identifies a client’s outstanding talents, limitations, and motivations in order to discover the role they find most energizing and fulfilling.
  • The Hogan: Determines a client’s assets, derailers, and challenge areas by evaluating them against Fortune 100 level executives.
  • Life Stories Interviews: Explores the client’s lifelong patterns of their core drives, motivations, energizing talents, and reveals their core desires and fears.
  • 360 Interviews: Reflects how a client is perceived by their team, direct reports, client, family, and friends in order to clarify and affirm what they have learn about their strengths, limitations, and areas for growth.