What is Coaching, Mentoring, & Consulting?


Coaches focus is to help the client get what he/she desires and/or wants in certain areas of their life. Different coaches have specializations in certain fields, but their true expertise is in the coaching process. The coach accepts that the client is the expert and has within him/her the answers to situations he/she may face. There will be times when a coach acts like a consultant, suggesting new ideas from his or her intuition, knowledge, and experience. A coach “partners” with the client and walks with them to help implement a plan they both develop.  Coaches not only help bring about effective change; they do whatever they can to help the client stay focused and on track with their plan and the goals they have committed themselves to accomplish. A coach is a trusted advisor who provides a confidential and safe environment in which the client can explore his/her issues and concerns and dreams


Mentors don’t have a model or an agenda for the person to fit in to or follow. Their focus is on the one being mentored, who they are, their agenda for themselves, their purpose and dreams. A mentor walks along side the person, listening well, being a mirror reflecting what they hear and at time what they observe. They provide an environment that is safe and free of judgement. The person is free to be themselves, to be open and vulnerable about how they really feel, what they struggle with, and dream and hope for in their life.  A mentor helps the person unearth the solutions and answers they have on the inside. 


Consultants are experts in certain aspects of life and in certain fields of business, such as business development, corporate culture, operational effectiveness. They have developed a model and an agenda to follow that helps businesses with certain problems and challenges their client are experiencing. They bring to their client knowledge and experience that can help them identify and define their challenges and learn how to better engage with their people to improve and grow their business. A consultant usually advises the company’s leaders and leaves them to implement the plan of action on their own.