Coaching Services

Ideally, the first coaching meeting would take place face to face. After that, meetings can be held through our Tele-coaching services, which includes Skype, Facetime and more.  


Executive Coaching

This coaching includes C-level corporate executives, such as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief technology officer, and boards of directors.
Focus on: Leadership Development Coaching, Communications Coaching, Conflict Resolution Coaching, Team Coaching, Customer Relations Coaching, Interpersonal Effectiveness Coaching

Transition Coaching

Individuals going through any major transition such as business owners or organizational leaders in a phase of business and/or professional development needing to determine their direction and next steps. This includes situations like baby boomers, students, recently moved, recently married, divorcees, widow(er)s, and empty nesters.
Focused on: Personal Development Coaching, Retirement Coaching, Vision Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching

Couples, individuals, or groups desiring clarity around their life purpose and guiding core values.
Focused on: Life Purpose Coaching, Spirituality Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Life Planning Coaching, Self-Care Coaching

Small Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs and those within businesses doing less than about $10 million in revenues businesses, not service-related.
Focused on: Business Development Coaching, Start-up Coaching, Exit Strategy Coaching

Partnership Coaching

Partnerships, couple-ships (any two people with a similar desire and goal) around relationships; building on strengths, assets, limitations and areas of challenge. This could include individuals in a personal relationship (married or not), business partners, parent/child relationships or any two people where the intention is to coach around the improvement, growth, and development in their relationship.
Focused on: Communications Coaching, Conflict Resolution Coaching, Vision Coaching

Other Services

Organizational Consulting

Executive Positions Development, Candidate Screening and Selection Process
Business Culture Evaluation & Development

Facilitation of Meetings

Executive Team Strategic Visioning, Decision Making, & Planning

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